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We use ONLY the best artist grade acrylics and UV sealers in our repaints. Some other high quality materials are used in some cases, like tiny metal flakes to give doll's neckline a glamorous evening look. Gold, silver and multicoloured chameleon (changes colour when exposed to light) pearl ultra-thin paint in eyeshadows for a dramatic makeup, etc...
Our dolls are well known for her beautiful faces, realistic bodies and intricated tattoos. These are completely hand painted and a delicate work of miniaturism that, for sure, will surprise you.
Doll faces, bodies and tattoos are completely airbrushed-sealed, to give them a 100% ultra-invisible extense layer of protection. Our experience in airbrushing has provided us with the technique to prepare meticulously the doll before applying our Exclusive Body and Face Blushing (please remember all our Aerodolls are UNIQUE and works of art, so they should be handled with care).

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