The status of the doll will remain ON HOLD for you until the transaction is complete.
Payment is expected within 24 hours of using the Purchase Form.
When this happens, she'll be marked as SOLD and we will prepare your girl for her trip to her new home ;) If, after those 24 hours, payment has not arrived, unfortunately, you'll lose any rights on the doll :( And she will be offered to the people on the waiting list, always following a natural numerical order.

If the Aerodoll you're interested in is ON HOLD status, there's still a chance for you to get her! Just add your name to the waiting list we'll be creating for EACH doll (NOT one common for all of them), and wait because we might contact you ;)
Once the doll's status has changed to SOLD, her waiting list will be cancelled.

Please, don't use our Purchase Form or Waiting List Form if you're not serious about buying the dolls. All our work comes from a 100% smoke free / cat friendly home (even though they really prefer to play with the toys Bex sent them, LOL!).

We're here to answer all the questions you might have, so, please, don't hesitate to email us with your doubts and concerns.

We will be only too happy to assist you in any way we can :)

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