Amarande (27 - Queen Of Hearts, BW pale-skinned body)
EUR390.00 + shipping - SOLD
Airbrushed and hand painted doll art piece - DOLL WILL ARRIVE NUDE
Palette features: sheer white pearl, sandalwood, and charcoal eyeshadow.
Eyes are forest green with accents of burnt sienna and hunt green. Dark terracotta lips.
Hair was straightened and cut into a layered shag.
Ethnic tribal geometric forms were tattooed on her cleavage, torso and navel, enhanced with nailheads, crystals, and fantasy jewelry made with top quality materials.
Full body and face blushing, contouring and texture for realism: enhanced breasts, collarbone, shoulders, navel, back, spine... French mani/pedicure. Pics taken indoors.
UPS-Express parcel service (2 days) and 50/50 layaway AVAILABLE! :)

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